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Plugin Vim-Composer release 0.1.0

28 Apr 2015 - Tags: vim,php,composer,gianarb - Author: GianArb

This plugin helps you to manage integration between composer and vim.


Composer is a tool to manage project’s dependencies in PHP.


  • [#5] Close #4 ComposerInstall command
  • [#6] Close #2 init composer.json open command
  • [#10] Close #3 exec custom callback after composer install
  • [#11] Add help


This plugin’s version offers a little set of features. In first it supports auto-install and auto discovery of composer installation. ex. :ComposerGet command installs composer.phar

:ComposerRun is the first wrapper of composer tool, it supports all commands with them options ex. :ComposerRun validate :ComposerRun update --no-dev -o :ComposerRun install --prefer-source

If in your route exists a composer.json file you can vsplit it with :ComposerJSON command.

:ComposerInstall is a wrapper of composer install command, it supports its options and call callback function if exists.

function! MyCallbackFunction()
    exec ':silent ! ctags -a %'
let g:composer_install_callback = "MyCallbackFunction"

There are a lot of possible features, you can help us to work the right ones with your feedback!